The Longview Brand

Longview Brand

We are in the business of growing, packing and exporting apples. We believe we do this very well – and that’s largely due to the many years of experience we have in each of these three areas.

But it’s a peculiar game – shipping large quantities of perishable goods around the world. A lot can go wrong.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of the distributors we supply. We know that they in turn have customers who rely on them. Reputations are at stake. So when we talk about ‘the Longview brand experience’, this is what we mean:

When a greengrocer in (Stuttgart) pulls the lid off a Longview carton, he’ll see a tray of firm, even-coloured fruit in pristine condition.

When a (Hong Kong) family sits down together for desert, the New Zealand Queen apples they share will be sweet, full-coloured and perfect.

And when a wholesaler buys from an importer or distributor in (New York), they’ll see carton after carton of consistent grade fruit, from a brand they’ve come to trust.

Every year, in markets across Europe, Asia and North America, at every stage of the supply network, we want consumers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors to know that they can count on Longview to deliver New Zealand’s finest.

From the arrival of the first new season apples at our pack house, to the dispatch of the final case (six) months later, we work hard to ensure the fruit we export lives up to our reputation.