Quality Produce

Quality Produce

Quality not only refers to class one export grade fruit, it can also mean value for money and product supplied to customer and market specification. When an importer takes delivery of produce which is exactly as ordered – each piece of fruit a representative sample – this is quality.

This may include a range of grades, from high and standard colour, through to low colour, value pack and juice. Whatever the grade, size, or variety, Longview will make sure each carton is presented to a consistent standard, without ‘salt and pepper’ variations or other surprises.

Simply tell us what you want; what your customers expect – and we will supply to your specifications.


Longview pack and export eight main varieties – both traditional and new – all grown in Hawke’s Bay. ‘New’ varieties, currently popular in Asia, include Pacific Queen and Pacific Rose.

We are seeing growing demand from China for New Zealand Queen. Fuji is popular in the Taiwanese market and with the Asian population in North America. New Zealand Rose, a beautiful red apple popular in Asia as a desert, is only successfully grown in Hawke’s Bay.