Key Personnel


We operate in a people industry, where business relationships are built on trust. Longview New Zealand is owned and managed by some of the industry’s most experienced people, who (many of whom) have a direct interest in the company as shareholders.

Our pack house manager is a fourth-generation member of the family whose business first carried the Longview name; he literally grew up on an apple orchard. Our customers shake hands with a marketing manager and shareholder who has been involved in the apple industry since the early 1980s. On the financial side, the company is under the watchful eye of Chief Financial Officer who is a former agribusiness manager with a banking career spanning over 30 years.

This experience runs right through the company to the pack house floor, where many of our seasonal staff return year after year to work at Longview, slotting back into jobs they already know how to do, and working with people they count as friends.